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1942 Download
1942 is a vertically scrolling shoot'em up made by Capcom and was released in 1984. It is the first game in the 194x series, followed by 1943: The Battle of Midway.

1942 is set in World War II. The goal of the game is to reach Tokyo and destroy the entire Japanese air fleet. We play a plane dubbed as "Super Ace", and has to shoot down enemy planes.

1942 is a very simple game and is one of the earliest shoot'em up in the market. I remember the first time I saw it was in a shopping centre when I was 6 years old. There was a guy playing the game until the last level with only one credit, really insane.

In 1942, there are only a limited upgrades that we can pick up during the game. To collect pick up, we have to shoot down a series of plane in red color.

Upgrades include increasing the power of our gun from two-shot to a four-shot. In later level, there is upgrade that give us a escort plane sticked to our plane for greater attack range.

1942 is very hard to play. Unlike later installments, we don't have life bar. As soon as we being hit by a bullet or crash with other planes, we will be destroyed immediately.

S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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