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4x4 Off-Road Racing Download
4x4 Off-Road Racing was published by Epyx in 1988. It is a racing game featuring 4x4 trucks and off-road racing.

As with other racing game, there are various options for us to upgrade our vehicle. There are four choices of vehicle on offer, each of which has its own weight/top-speed/build strength and so on, and thus is suited to different circuits. You can also buy upgrades and repairs, including carrying some spares.

There are four completely different types of course, each taking place on a different surface - Mud, Ice, Desert and Mountains. Each of these is littered with hazards, which can either be painstakingly avoided, or driven through. Driving through hazard can result in some funny results, like doing a 360% on the air.

After going through too many hazards, our car will break down and need to stop aside to do the repair. If we forget to carry the necessary spare parts, then we lose the race.

You can download 4x4 Off-Road Racing here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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