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Bandit Kings of Ancient China Download
Bandit Kings of Ancient China is a strategy game that I still play it occasionally until toay.

What I like about Bandit Kings is that it is very simple and not as complicated as other strategy games. We can usually finish a game within 2 hours, rather than 2 months like Romance of the Three Kingsom series.

The background of the game is based on the famous chinese literature Water Margin. We can play as famous character like Wu Song, Lin Chong, Yang Zhi, etc.

Our goal of this game is to build our army, gather popularity, getting secret mandate from the emporer and to kill Gao Qiu, the arch evil of that era.

During the game, we will engage in quite a number of battle. Normally, as long as our army is fully equiped with arms, we will hardly lose.

You can get Bandit Kings of Ancient Chine here. As usual, DosBox is required.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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