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Bubble Bobble Download
The game play for Bubble Bobble is simple. We can play in single player or double player mode. Our mission is to entrap the monsters with our bubble and hit the entrapped monster with our body to kill them.

There are 100 levels in Bubble Bobble. The last level is the Boss level. There are sweet in different color that we can pick up to improve our bubbles' speed, rate and length. The fun part of Bubble Bobble is there are a lot of goodies that produce different result.

The best that I like is Umbrella. With Umbrella, we can skip a few levels instantly.

The Fiery Cross is not bad too. After we get it, we can shoot fire ball instead of bubble. Another good one is potion that can change the whole screen to yummy fruits.

Tired of fighting the monster, try looking for the Blue Cross. It can drown the whole screen instantly.

When you see the White Bracelet, quickly get it and there will be a fireball to kill monster for us.

During the game, there are special bubbles with letter on them. Get seven bubbles with letter "E", "X", "T", "E", "N" and "D", and you will be rewarded with extra life.

You can get Bubble Bobble here. Remember to get DosBox before playing.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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