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Crazy Cars 3 Download
Crazy Cars 3 was released by Titus in 1992. It supports 256-color VGA graphics and Sound Blaster for midi soundtracks.

Crazy Cars 3 is one of the racing game that able to get me sticked for a while when I was a teenager. Unlike Lotus or Outrun, Crazy Cars has some unique features that make it more attractive.

The first is the option to upgrade our car with better performance parts and some radar to avoid being detected by police. Of course, to be able to upgrade the car, we need to earn money by winning the races first.

Before some races, we can actually bet with our opponents to get extra money if we win the race. It is a fast way to earn money if we are sure that we will win the race.

To make the game more intense, there are police that will chase us on some races. With luck, we can outrun them sometimes.

The shortfall of Crazy Cars 3 is there is no double player option. We can only compete the computer opponents through out the game.

You can download Crazy Cars 3 here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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