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Command & Conquer Gold Download
Command & Conquer is developed by Westwood Studios and released internationally by Virgin Interactive in 1995. C&C successfully blends superb graphics, full motion video, digitized soundtrack and digitized sound effects into one formula, the formula that ignite the booming of real-time strategy games.

C&C is the first of the long live Command & Conquer franchise. It is widely regarded as the father of all modern real-time strategy games. The original version runs in DOS and support only 320x200 256-color VGA mode. Later, C&C has been re-released in 640x480 and support Windows environment.

Set in an alternative history of Earth around the year 1995, C&C tells the story of two globalized factions: the Global Defense Initiative of the United Nations, and the ancient quasi-cult, quasi-state organization known as the Brotherhood of Nod, becoming locked in a mortal struggle for control over a mysterious resource known as Tiberium.

One of the quintessential titles of the modern real time strategy genre, C&C's gameplay mechanics will typically require the player to construct a base and then acquire a flow of resources, in order to fund the ongoing production of various forces to assault and conquer the opponent's base with.

There are around 50 different units and structures in C&C. Virtually every type of structure in the game acts as a tech tree node, and additional units, structures and special abilities become available as new structures are built and placed. Access to advanced units and abilities can be temporarily blocked if the required structures are destroyed, or if they are not being provided with adequate power by the supporting Power Plant structures.

Unlike later installments, in C&C, we have to place a new structure next to a pre-existing structures. Meaning, it is harder for us to enlarge our base area. Base defense is provided by specialized defensive structures, as well as fortification in the form of sandbags, wire fences and concrete walls. Later on in the game, we can build lethal defensive structures like guard towers with machine guns or rockets, gun turrets, or the iconic "Obelisk of Light" of the Brotherhood of Nod.

While the two sides largely mirror each other in regards to tech trees and unit types, each has a distinct strategic preference. GDI units are intended to be sturdy and are often more powerful than their Nod counterparts, at the cost of being more expensive and having slower movement. GDI forces also have access to air and naval support. Stationary defenses include the guard tower and missile armed advanced guard tower which can engage ground and air targets. Conversely, Nod's units are cheap and fast, at the cost of withstanding less punishment. Nod forces are made to avoid direct engagement as much as possible, relying on hit-and-run tactics, active camouflage and guerrilla warfare to gain the advantage. Nod also has access to limited air support and naval support. Stationary defenses include the anti-tank gun turret, the Obelisk of Light laser guard towers and the surface to air missile (SAM) site.

You can download Command & Conquer Gold here. The crash problem when running mission two is solved in this package. It is Windows compatible, so you can run it directly. Enjoy!
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