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Dinopark Tycoon Download
DinoPark Tycoon is a simulation game developed by Manley & Associates Inc and released by MECC in 1993. It was widely used throughout many public schools and institutes in North America.

DinoPark Tycoon is both a strategy and managing game. We must run a modern park that features dinosaurs as its main attraction. The goal is to take care of the dinosaurs and feed them, while keeping the park clean, organized, and well maintained.

We start off with a $5,000 loan. This money is used to buy land, dinosaurs, fencing, food, and pay employees, until enough money is earned to pay off the loan. Then we can expand the park and prosper.

To start off, we must buy a land, build up fences, hire staff, buy dinosaur, purchase dinosaur food and set admission price. After that, we can open the park for public.

If we do everything right, there should be a lot of visitors coming to our park and we will start making profit. With the profit, we can then upgrade the park with bigger land and more dinosaurs.

You can download Dinopark Tycoon here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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