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Death Track Download
Death Track is developed by Dynamix and released by Activision in 1989. It is a racing game that allow us to destroy our opponents with various weapon. Sound interesting right?

I was quite amazed when I first play Death Track. The 256-color VGA graphics is a bit granny, the soundtrack is a bit lame, the polygon in-game graphics is bad, but the game play is quite fun.

There are 10 opponents in each race. We can either win a match by running fast or destroy all opponents. The second is usually my preference :)

Our car is equipped with machine gun, laser gun, missles, terminators, traps, and other weapon. Plenty for us to choose to destroy our opponents actually.

Of course, we can destroy others, others also can destroy us. To make sure our chances of survival is high, we can upgrade our car in parts shop.

To improve our weapon, we can go to weapons shop.

But before upgrading, we must have cash. There are two way to get cash, the first is to win a match, the second is destroy the opponent requested by Man-In-Black.

Not a bad game to blast off opponents after a day of heavy traffic.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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