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Eye of the Beholder 3: Assault on Myth Drannor Download
Eye of the Beholder 3 is the last episode of the Eye of the Beholder series. However, it was not developed by Westwood Studios, the original developer of Eye of the Beholder.

Eye of the Beholder 3 employs a brand new game engine, updated graphics, interesting and oft-unique NPC selection and good gameplay tweaks. Digital sound effects are added vigorously to create additional atmosphere.

Though, I feel that the storyline of Eye of the Beholder 3 is weak and boring. We often required to do a lot of searching and trying before proceeding to the next parts.

The story continues after we defeat Dran in Eye of the Beholder 2. Our party are telling our success over Dran in a tavern and how it saved the town. A strange man comes in and asks you to save Myth Drannor who is ruled by a "most foul" Lich named Acwellan.

He then says we need to save Myth Drannor by getting an ancient artifact from the Lich. After we accept the quest, the man performs magic which teleports we to just outside of the city.

In Eye of the Beholder 3, we will travel to forest around the city, the masoluem, and finally the city including the mages guild.

The combat and magic system remains almost the same with the previous installments. Though in this time, we are required to interact more with on screen items, which I think drag down the pace of the game and quite frustrating on some parts.

You can download Eye of the Beholder 3 here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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