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Green Beret (a.k.a. Rush'n Attack) Download
Green Beret (a.k.a. Rush'n Attack) is a platform arcade game released by Konami in 1985. Green Beret is remembered for its Cold War setting and its reliance on the player using a knife to dispatch enemies.

We take on the role of a United States special operations soldier infiltrating an enemy military base which, as hinted by the name, resembles a Soviet military complex. Our mission is to save several POW's from being executed by firing squad.

There are four stages: Marshalling Area, Harbour, Air Base and Siberian Camp. The omnipresent knife can be supplemented with captured arms. By killing key persons, we can obtain three-shot flamethrowers in stage 1, four-shot RPGs in stage 2, threepacks of hand grenades in stage 3 and one of each in stage 4.

At the end of each stage, there are extra challenges: Stage 1 ends with a truckload of karate thugs, stage 2 with a pack of fierce dogs, stage 3 with three shooting autogyros and stage 4 with a skilful multi-shot flamethrower operator.

When the mission is accomplished the four rescued POWs salute and the player is back at stage 1. The player is supposed to run to the right, revealing new territories, but in case of a standstill in 10 minutes, a stealth-like bomber would wipe out the soldier.

You can download the ROM of Green Beret here. You need MAME32 to play the game.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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