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Gods Download
Gods, developed by The Bitmap Brothers, the same developer for Xenon 2. The first time I play this game was in 1992. Similar with Xenon 2, Gods comes with gorgeous 256-color VGA graphics. But this time around, Adlib and Sound Blaster are supported. Great graphics with great sound, what an improvement!

In Gods, we play the hero in a lost city, fighting all the way to the end to join the rank of Gods. The weopon when we start is just a simple knife throwing. As we grow, we can throw 2 knives at once, 3 knives at once, and to 3 axes at once.

Similar to Xenon 2, after we kill the bad guys, we will get money in the form of crystal. With those money, we can buy weopon upgrades when we go into a shop like above.

One of the biggest fun part of Gods is there are a lot of hidden traps and secrets for us to unlocked. With different combination of puller and button sequence, we will get difference result that change the cause of the game. The replay value is high as we will uncover different traps and secrets each time we play again.

There are 4 levels in Gods, and each level consist of a number of world. The total game play is quite long actually. And at the end of each level, we will meet the level boss. And all the bosses are quite tough to be defeated.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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