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Golden Axe Download
Golden Axe is a rare type of Dos arcade game with fast pace action. The 256 color VGA graphics is nice, but the systhesized PC Speaker sound effect is a bit weird.

There are 3 players that we can select, the first is warrior, the second is dwarf and the third is female warrior.

There are 8 stages in Golden Axe. The stage is pretty short, which normally require less than 10 minutes to complete a level.

We can attack the monster with 3 methods. The first is using brute force by either our weapon or body. The second is snatch a dragon from the enemies and ride it.

The third is using magic. Each character comes with different magic, so you can have a try on each one.

Golden Axe is pretty hard to play indeed. Using brute force will normally won't work as we will always be surrounded. The best way to play is hit and run, killing the enemies one by one.

There are bosses at some stages, and the best way to kill them also is by using hit and run method.

You can download Golden Axe here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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