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Quest for Glory III: Wages of War Download
Quest for Glory III: Wages of War was released in 1992. It comes with superbly done 256-color VGA graphics and good soundtracks.

The story follow tightly on Quest for Glory II, after we defeat the evil wizard Ad Avis. Rakeesh the Paladin brings the Hero and Prince of Shapeir to his homeland, Tarna, a jungle and savanna environment that mimics the central African ecosystem.

Tarna is on the brink of war; the Simbani, the tribe of Uhura, are ready to do battle with the Leopardmen. Each enemy has stolen a sacred relic from the other tribe and refused to return it before the other does. The Hero must prevent the war and then thwart a demon who may be loosed upon the world.

If we act honorable enough in Quest for Glory II and earn the Paladin status, we can import the character to start in Quest for Glory III to enjoy some extras.

One of the new feature in Quest for Glory III is the "overworld" viewscreen where all important cities and landmarks are represented in miniature. While traveling from one landmark to another, time passes rapidly, and we will meet random encounters, most of which are hostile.

The stealthy Thief character is less prone to these encounters. Some random encounters are not hostile, and others are downright silly yet nevertheless helpful in one way or another, such as the Awful Waffle Walker that can save us from starvation and Arne the Aardvark that will give us hints.

Quest of Glory III actually is the first Sierra adventure game that remove the text parser interface and introduce the point-and-click interface. I like this improvement as this is where it should be for a modern adventure game.

You can download Quest for Glory III here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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