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Inca Download
Inca was released by Coktel Vision in 1992. Coktel Vision is a French computer game developer that focus on developing adventure games around 1990. Inca uses vibrant 256-color VGA graphics and has a really wonderful soundtrack.

Inca has been famous for combining many different genres to form a certain storyline. Although mostly a fighting space simulator, some levels were purely shooting, had maze exploration, and some included riddles that could be solved by combining inventory items.

The setting is an uchronic war between Incas and Spaniards that takes place in space. Levels vary in gameplay, forming a variable and rich gameplay, however the surreal nature of the game gives no comprehensive storyline or solution to riddles, which are solved simply by trying random item combinations.

In the introduction, we will learn that Huayna Capac, last grand Inca, prepares a warrior called El Dorado to fight Aguirre, the Spanish leader. Eldorado will find himself in space flying a Tumi-shaped spaceship and dogfight with Spanish spaceships.

El Dorado will also find himself fighting his way through mazes, or on board the Spanish mothership trying to escape, he will meet the Aclla and uncover three magical gems that will help him vanquish the Conquistadors.

Inca is not a very popular game, but it is very good indeed. I encourage you to try playing it, especially with a good sound system, because the soundtrack is great. The main tune still appear in my mind occasionally even after more than 10 years!

Some parts of the game is quite frustrating though, as we need to keep trying on different combination to get pass certain puzzles.

You can download Inca and its walkthrough here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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