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Ishar: Legend of the Fortress Download
Ishar is published by Silmarils. The concept is very close to the Dungeon and Dragon's productions like Eye of the Beholder. Ishar boosted to have 3 times the size of Eye of the Beholder, bigger graphics and better sound effects. The claim is acceptable, but we can sense that the quality and the game play is not as polished as Eye of the Beholder.

In Ishar, we mainly travel in the vast outdoor scene. The problem is, the outdoor scene look the same on many areas. We will easily get lost if we don't draw our own map. I actually have a hard time to chart the whole Ishar world.

The story line of Ishar is weakly written. We will always left in don't know what to do. Ishar force us to keep traveling from here to there to find clues on the next step.

The dungeon in Ishar is weakly design too. The interaction with screen level or pulley is very weird. And sometimes we just don't know whether we have pull the switch or not.

There are many enemies that we will meet in Ishar. It will be hard for us to compete with them at the beginning. We have to kill weak enemies to gain experience point and purchase better weapon. We can recruit magicians or wizards during the game. It is a must to recruit magician in Ishar.

There are places like tavern and weapon shops to visit too. We can get information, have some rest or upgrade our weapons there.

Overall, Ishar is an above average role playing game and should have receive good response from users too. Why? Because the publisher also publishes Ishar 2 and Ishar 3 later!
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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