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Jazz Jackrabbit Download
Jazz Jackrabbit is released by Epic Megagames in 1994. It is widely famous for its really fast and smooth gameplay on PC. The style of the game is closely similar to Sega's Sonic The Hedgehog, which was popularized a few years earlier.

The story of Jazz Jackrabbit start when the notorious leader of the turtle terrorists, Devan Shell, has kidnapped the beloved rabbit pricess, Eva Earlong, and has inhabirated the galaxy with his goons.

The Galactic Rabbits want revenge and it's Jazz Jackrabbit job to extract it. We have to guide Jazz Jackrabbit to save Eva Earlong and prevent Devan Shell from financing his miniacal plot of Turtle Domination by swiping the goods out from under his limy beak.

The gameplay of Jazz Jackrabbit is simple. We run at the high speed, shoot everyhing that moves and collect weapon upgrades and bonus during the way.

There are six episodes in Jazz Jackrabbit. Each episode consists of three worlds, with two levels and one 3D bonus level which can be reached by finding a special gem hidden in one of two standard levels per world, a secret level on each episode hidden in a particular planet and finally a boss level.

Unlike Super Mario Bros and Sonic The Hedgehog, Jazz kill the enemies by his weapon instead of jumping onto the enemies. There are lots of weapon upgrades what we can pick up during the game, like toaster, missles launcher and TNT.

You can download Jazz Jackrabbit here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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