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Betrayal at Krondor Download
Betrayal at Krondor is developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra in 1993. It is one of the first role-playing game that allow player to nagivate the world in full 3D.

Betrayal of Krondor takes place largely in Midkemia, the fantasy world developed by Raymond E. Feist in his Riftwar novels. The game is designed to resemble a book, separated into chapters and narrated in the third-person with a quick-save bookmark feature.

Like Drakkhen, there are travel mode and explore mode. In travel mode, we can travel in 360 degree, but not allow to do other things. In explore mode, we can fight enemies and solve traps.

The graphics in travel mode is of course better than Drakkhen with gradient shading and more landscaping. The more complex items is presented in mere bitmap and will become extremely ugly when we close up.

Plot is advanced through literary cutscenes. Each chapter begins and ends with a cutscene, consisting of text and dialogue with animations. The player characters meet various NPCs during their travels. Dialogue is text-based often with short voice clips, and some NPCs have their own pictures as well. Conversation is tree-based: in certain cases, the player can choose between various dialogue keywords. This is used to get information, training, and items from NPCs, often for a price.

Spells are organized into six groups, grouped by magic symbol. Four groups of spells are combat spells and two groups are non-combat spells. Spells first drain the caster's stamina and then health. Spells are learned from scrolls that are found in shops or various locations as well as from NPCs throughout the world.

Combat is turn-based and takes place on a grid, similar to tactical role-playing games. The characters can move to a different location on the grid and if they can reach an enemy, can attack in the same move. Fighters can use crossbows and magicians can cast spells, but only if there are no enemy units in adjacent squares.

There are temples, stores and inns too. Temples offer a variety of services, including healing and blessing weapons. They also sell a relatively expensive teleportation service; the player is able to teleport between any temples they have visited earlier, the price based on the distance traveled. Stores buy and sell various kinds of items; some also repair equipment. Inns and taverns allow characters to buy food and alcohol, get information, earn money by playing the lute, and sleep overnight, which allows full healing of wounds and fatigue, whereas resting in the wilderness only restores 80% of health and stamina.

Overall, Betrayal at Krondor is a well polished role-playing game that was pretty well received when it was released in 1993. You can download Betrayal at Krondor and it's CD Inlet here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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