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Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) Download
Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) is the sequel of Leisure Suit Larry released by Sierra in 1988. It has acceptable 16-color EGA graphics and sound cards support.

The story follow what we left in Larry 1. Eve, the dream girl of Larry in the end of the previous game, has serious second thoughts in the light of day and casts him aside.

Larry begins his exploration again, and by chance he wins the lottery and a Blind Date contest in the same day. During his preparations for the cruise, a microfiche falls in his hands by mistake. He is then pursued by KGB agents as well as minions of the evil scientist Dr. Nonookee, who both want to recover the film.

His travels lead him to the tropical island Nontoonyt, where he meets Kalalau, the daughter of the natives' leader Kennywauwau. Larry enters Nonookee's lair in the heart of a volcano, where he accidentally defeats the evil doctor and wins the heart of Kalalau.

In Larry 2, Larry will still meet a number of girls, but this time he won't have any "advance" activity with them. Quite a disappointment on how Sierra did to satisfy the age verification law.

The major thing that I feel disappointed was Larry's sexual escapades in Larry 2 has been toned down. And you know what, if Larry does try to pick up random women, Larry will invariably be killed! Try to inject some moral values in a supposely adult game is kind of funny right?

You can download Leisure Suit Larry 2 here.
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