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Legend (a.k.a. Four Crystals of Trazere) Download
Legend a.k.a. Four Crystal of Trazere is a nice isometric role-playing game with real-time fighting scene.

In Legend, the world that we are in is called Trazere, an unknown period during the Middle Ages. Our mission is to visit all dungeons and solve all puzzles to complete the game.

The main characters in this game is Berseker, Troubadour, Assasin, and Runemaster. Each carry unique capability that can help us fight through the way. For Berseker, his main function is fight enemies heads on. For Troubadour, his main function is to play music to enhance the team's fighting spirit. For Assassin, his function is to unlock traps and access unreachable places. For Runemaster, he can prepare many custom spells to kill enemies or assist the team.

Like other RPG games, the characters will upgrade after killing a lot of enemies. We can also buy equipments and magic ingredients in town like below.

Unlike other turn-based RPG, we can control the characters and see them fight with enemies in real-time.

The best part I like about Legend is that we can mix our own spell. With enough ingredients, we can mix a spell that shoot fireball to the whole screen when casted.

Legend is a pretty tough game to be completed. We spend most of our time in dungeon crawling. You need to write down all the notices that you find in the game in order to get clues and solve puzzles.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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