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Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge Download
Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge was released by Magnetic Field and published by Gremlim Graphics. It is the third in the Lotus racing game series, which three of them were well received during the time.

Like other Lotus racing game series, Lotus III support 256-color VGA graphics and major sound cards. Lotus III can be considered as the first generation of racing game, where tracks are rendered using a lot of 2D sprites to create a 3D feel. To create the sense of speed, the tracks are colored in two tones, so that when we move forward, we can feel the road going behind in a fast way.

In Lotus III, there are three cars that we can choose from, Espirit S4, Elan SE and M200. Each car carries different performance characteristic, some with higher top speed and some with better acceleration.

There are two type of game mode, one is time attack while the other is championship. The name of the game mode is self explaining, so I will just skip further explanation.

We can also play the game in two-player mode. In two player mode, the screen is split into top and bottom section, so that we can actually know when our friend is approaching us.

The single most innovative feature of Lotus III is the Racing Environment Construction Set (RECS) course creation system. The system allows users to create a race track by defining various basic parameters, such as amount and difficulty of turns and hills, amount of obstacles, type of scenery or difficulty of opponents. The created track can then be raced by one or both players. The course can also be written in form of a letter-and-digit code and later reused; these can be raced individually or in a series of up to nine user-created tracks.

You can download Lotus The Ultimate Challenge here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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