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Metal Mutant Download
Metal Mutant was released by Silmaris, the same developer for Ishar series. Metal Mutant support beautiful 256-color VGA graphics and PC Speaker digitized sound.

Metal Mutant is one of the platform game that keep me hooked for quite some time. I can say that I really like this game.

In Metal Mutant, we play a robot that can switch between three forms. One is a human like robot, one is a dinasaur shape robot and another one is ET shape robot.

Each form have their own specialities and functions. Like is human form, we can jump, hang to the ceiling and charge the whole screen. In dinasaur form, we can attack bite the enemies and throw flame on them. In ET robot form, we can shoot bullet and missle on the enemies.

Changing form one one and another is crucial in Metal Mutant. In some area, we need to change form really fast to kill the enemies and overcome some traps.

There are some usual elements like moving platforms and holes for us to jump through. The length of Metal Mutant is quite long and require us to take a long time to complete the game. In conclusion, Metal Mutant is a good platform game that has fresh idea on it. You should give it a try. Remember, to use the specialities on each form, you need to press Shift together with an arrow key.

You can download Metal Mutant here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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