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Pizza Tycoon Download
Pizza Tycoon was released by Microprose in 1994. Even though it has good 256-color VGA graphics and soundtracks, it is a less famous one among Microprose "tycoon" series.

Pizza Tycoon is a strategy game for those who like to dig into detail. In Railroad Tycoon, we focus on building tracks, buying trains and planning the logistic.

In Pizza Tycoon, instead of buying shops and expand the business, we will focus on all the detail in setting up a Pizza shop.

We need to take care almost all area including getting ingredients, getting staff, design our own pizzas, buying and arranging furniture, design the advertisement and other little details.

It is not unusual if we spend more than two hours setting up the business before getting the first income.

Overall, Pizza Tycoon is not an easy game that we can get into within a few minutes. We need to have patient to understand the details, and slowly we will get attracted into the game.

S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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