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Prince of Persia Download
One of the game that get me sticked for quite some time is Prince of Persia. The combination of 256-color graphics and sound cards support make it stand out of the crowd at the time when it was published.

The game story line is simple. Our mission is break into the Persian castle, find our way to the 12th level, kill villains in the way and to rescue the princess.

The fun part of Prince of Persia are various types of traps that we need to jump over or avoid them. Some traps need some training before we can successfully overcome them.

We will meet villains during the game. Our weapon is a sword that we pick up on the first level. Different with other games, the fight in Prince of Person require precision skill rather than mere firepower. There are no weapon upgrades, but do have potion to increase our life scale.

You can get your copy of Prince of Persia here. It also require DosBox to run. Since this game require password after the first level, you need to run the game with "PRINCE MEGAHIT" and press "Shift-L" when you see the password screen.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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