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Railroad Tycoon Download
Railroad Tycoon is created by Sid Meier and released by MicroProse in 1990. Although it supports VGA graphics, but only 16 color mode is being used. Adlib is supported, and the main tune is quite nice actually.

Railroad Tycoon is one of the game that get me stick with it for a very long time. I think I've replayed Railroad Tycoon for not less than 100 times. Even though the graphics is not that great, but the gameplay itself is very interesting.

In Railroad Tycoon, we can start with one of the four difficulties level. I would recommend the hardest mode as there are some limitations for the easier difficulties level.

There are a few scenarios that we can choose to start with. Eastern USA from 1830, Western USA from 1866, England from 1828 or Europe from 1900.

If we choose to start with the earlier scenario, we will start with the very primitive locomotive. Primitive means small engine with low horse power and speed.

As it is Railroad Tycoon, locomotive play an important role in it. There are 20 types of locomotives for the whole game. As the time flies, new locomotives will be introduced periodically.

To achieve success in Railroad Tycoon, we need to pick the right location to start our first rail connection. Right location usually comes with big population and other industries. We also need to study the supply and demand closely to get better return.

There are also some simple stock market for us to play. As in the real world, buy low sell high means we earn profit from it. To end the game, we need to climb to the top level to become the President or Prime Minister.

Overall, Railroad Tycoon is a fun and addictive game. You can download it here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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