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Reunion Download
Reunion was released by Grandslam in 1990s. It has good 256-color VGA graphics, digitized voice and digitized soundtracks. If you love science fiction on future human exploration into space, this is a game that you should not miss.

Reunion starts with a lengthy introduction. The introduction is presented in a mix of comics style illustrations and some little 3D animations. From the introduction, I am very sure that the developers are also space exploration fans.

The introduction is just like all other science fiction stories, saying that human achieve advancement in space travel, then meet some weird events and one group of human are casted away to a remote star. The game starts 300 years after the group of human reach the remote star.

Our main mission in Reunion is to explore new planets and colonise them. Like Star Control 2, we can travel to various planets and discover their suitability to become our colony.

We will also meet some alien races during the game, some are friendly while some are hostiles. The battle scenes going on pretty simple, don't expect Dune 2 quality real time battle for sure.

As I'm a space exploration and science fiction fan, the background of Reunion manage to keep my attention for some time, but not long. The things I don't like about Reunion is the pace is too slow. Most of the time we have to just sit in front of the PC and wait for something to happen. I hate waiting!!!

There are some game stability issues in Reunion too. It will frequently lock up or crash during the game. Luckily, the save and load functions do work properly.

Overall, Reunion is a game with great vision but the game play is poorly paced. Still, if you are a science fiction fan, you should give it a try.

S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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