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Silpheed Download
Silpheed is a vertical shoot'em up developed by Game Arts and released by Sierra in 1988. It is quite unique in 1990 era as the graphics is rendered in polygon. Yes, there must be some sort of 3D engine inside.

The EGA 16-color graphics in 640x400 provide high enough resolution to please our eye. The soundtrack is acceptable, but sound effects is purely generated with PC Speaker.

In Silpheed, as with other shoot'em ups, we shoot through our way to complete the mission. There are many upgrades that we can collect, including shield upgrade, autofire, asteroid belt, etc.

Our fire power will increase level by level. On level 5, we should have equip with the powerful laser weapon.

The are bosses at the end of each level. Mind you, some is really hard to overcome. The worst part i don't like about Silpheed is, we only have one life!! If we die in the mid way, we have to restart the game from the beginning!!

On some level, we will venture into enemy fotress.

The fotress full of traps and we need to be really careful to get pass them without damages to our ship.

You can download Silpheed here. I spend 1 month for training to complete the game. Wish you do better!
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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