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Skunny Download
Skunny was developed by Magic Touch Production in 1995. It is a side scrolling platform game that is pretty similar to popular the Sonic the Hedgehog and Jazz Rabbit.

The game start when Skunny, in his recent adventure, he uncovered an ancient map showing the location of incredible treasures scattered throughout remote parts of the world. We will guide Skunny through areas filled with monsters and obstacles to gather treasures.

Like Jazz Rabbit, Skunny offer a good 256-color VGA graphics and digitized sound. The game play is fast, but obviously the game engine is not as good as Jazz Rabbit, as we can notice some slight jerk when moving around.

Game play wise, Skunny is as good as Sonic and Jazz Rabbit. We can run pretty fast, and the best is when we jump into the barrels that will throw Skunny from place to place.

The monsters and obstacles in Skunny is pretty simple to overcome compared to other platform games. As we can move pretty free in a level, finding the way to the next level is quite troublesome.

You can download Skunny here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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