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Speedball Download
Speedball was developed by Bitmap Brothers, the developer of the popular Shoot'em Up Xenon 2. It has beautifully optimized EGA graphics that in my opinion is very good for a 16-color graphics. It support only PC Speaker though.

Speedball is a ruthless sport games that encourage us to use various dirty tactics in order to win the game.

The rule for Speedball is simple. We need to shoot a metal ball into our opponent goal gate to get point. And this is the only rule.

We can play the game with computer opponent or human player. Play with a human opponent of course is much more excited and intense. I still remember the fun moment when I play Speedball with my brother!

During the game, we can collect various bonuses like coins that we can use to purchase item after a game and some power-up. The power-up will give us a few seconds boost on our speed, slow opponents or change the ball to a fiery one.

The coins that we collect, we can use them to bribe referee, slow down opponents or increase our stamina.

In conclusion, Speedball is a fun and exciting sport games that you can spend time with your friend. I strongly recommend this. You can download Speedball here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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