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Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation Download
Space Quest 5 was released in 1993 by Sierra sister company Dynamix. Even though it was released after the talkie version of Space Quest 4, Space Quest 5 does not have a talkie version. Still the graphics and soundtracks is as good as the previous chapters.

This game starts in a space station as Roger cheats to pass a StarCon Academy final exam. He's then given his own command— the garbage scow SCS Eureka, which looks like an oversized vacuum cleaner.

Space Quest 5 involves several small missions, similar to ones seen in typical Star Trek episodes. The missions make obvious reference to popular movies at that time, including Predator, Alien and The Fly. Scary Movie concept in early computer game? Yeah, and it is indeed very funny!

Roger's son from the future saved him at the beginning of SQIV, and later he shows a hologram of Roger's son's mother. Roger meets this woman in SQV and must protect her, or else his son would not exist, and thus neither would Roger.

The main plot is to stop a mutagenic disease that is spreading through the galaxy by discovering its source, and fighting everyone that got infected.

The disease infects the crew members of the SCS Goliath, the StarCon flagship, whose toupee-wearing commander, Raemes T. Quirk (a spoof of Captain Kirk), subsequently attacks the Eureka.

In the end, Roger sacrifices his ship to get rid of the plague - and suddenly, if temporarily, becomes the commander of the fleet's flagship.

If you like the previous chapters, Space Quest 5 is on that you should not missed. You can download Space Quest 5 here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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