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Thexder is a shoot'em up released by Game Arts in 1985, and was ported to PC in 1987, where the US version was released by Sierra. Game Arts is the same company who produced Silpheed and Zeliard, both were my favourites.

In Thexder, we play as a robot which can transform between the robot and the jet form. Our mission is to escape the maze by choosing the right path and destroying the foes along our journey. And the bad news is, our robot is equipped with only one weapon - laser.

As with other early platform games, Thexder requires a lot of training to be completed. The maze design is complex and full of enemies. One mistake, we will be swamped by tens of enemies and will crush us within two seconds.

Make no mistake, Thexder is very hard to play, and definitely not designed for casual player. It's just impossible for us to complete the game without training for a few hundred times. The enemies are too strong, the control is awkward, and switching between robot and jet in many occasions need to be done in near perfect timing to get through.

When we are in robot form, the laser will go into auto-tracking, which always make more harm than good, as it will always track the most distanced target while letting the enemies in front destroying us. It's really frustrating, and I must have cursed the developers more than thousand times for designing that.

The next thing I hate most is, if we're destroyed during the mission, we have to start from the beginning again and again. There is no Save option in the game, meaning if we shut down and start playing again, we will have to start from Level 1. Therefore, it's not very uncommon for us to see the same scene for more than a thousand times before we can finally beat the game.

To understand the frustration I have experienced, you should really give it a try (if you haven't). Just bear in mind that Thexder has sold for more than 500,000 copies and you might like it as well as others.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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