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Xargon Download
Xargon was published by Epic Megagames in 1993. It is a side-scrolling platform game similar to Gods, but with totally different style of graphics.

In Xargon, we will play Malvineous Havershim. He is an archaeologist studying strange ruins in Madagascar. The ruins were built by an unknown ancient culture known as the 'Blue Builders'. While attempting to translate the glyphs on the walls of one Blue Builder structure, a strange gas was emitted, and Malvineous slowly lost consciousness.

Malvineous then had a dream-encounter with a talking Eagle, who gave him cryptic warnings. He then awoke in a strange land, the area in which the game takes place. He began exploring the world, finding hostile creatures and robots, while recording his findings in journal entries. He eventually encountered an evil entity named Xargon, who seems to have been a tyrannical ruler. Malvineous had to confront Xargon before returning home.

At the beginning, we will have only slow shooting laser bullet, which allow us to shoot one bullet at once. As it is very slow, we will really have hard time shooting down the enemies as most of them require several hits to be killed.

Fortunately, as with other platform games, we can collect weapon upgrades during the game. The upgrades include fireball, rapid-fire laser gun and rocks.

In one part of the game, we can also drive a submarine to venture under the water.

If you like to play platform games, Xargon is one that you shouldn't miss. You can download Xargon here.
S P O N S E R E D   L I N K S

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